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Smile Makeovers at Complete Dental Coorparoo

Smile Makeovers in CoorparooEven people with good dental hygiene and structurally sound teeth can be dissatisfied with certain elements of their smiles. Discoloration, misshapen teeth, and minor orthodontic issues can affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. People who are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth and gums often find themselves hesitant to smile in public, keeping their mouths closed in photos and even covering their mouths when they laugh.

If that sounds familiar, our skilled Coorparoo cosmetic dentists are here to let you know about the perfect solution for your mouth—a custom smile makeover completed right in the comfort of our own practice. Here’s what you can expect!

What is a Smile Makeover?

At Complete Dental Coorparoo, we believe that there are no two smiles that are the same. Just as that, no two smile makeover treatments are alike either. Our cosmetic dentists take a unique approach to each patient to truly understand their needs and goals as we craft a tailor made plan just for them. Because we always have our patients best interest at heart, we will recommend the most conservative and lease invasive approach to care that offers the best and most stunning restuls.

In some cases, that may mean performing just a couple of treatments to produce subtle refinements to a smile, while in others, a more comprehensive approach may be necessary.

Are You A Smile Makeover Candidate?

The best candidates for a smile makeover in Coorparoo will be in good oral and overall health, but be dissatisfied with certain elements of their smiles. The more specific you are in terms of what you hope to achieve through a smile makeovers, the better your results will be.

Smile makeovers can address a broad range of aesthetic flaws, including:

  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Eroded, misshapen, or disproportionately sized teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • “Gummy” smiles
  • An uneven gum line

Make Your Appointment

If you’re intersted in learning more about a customized cosmetic care plan by our cosmetic dentists in Coorparoo for your smile, we’d love to speak with you. Contact our practice today to learn more!

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