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General Dentistry Services

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At Complete Dental Coorparoo, our dental team can take care of all your general dentistry needs. We offer a broad range of services available to suit the needs of all ages, from children to seniors.


When you’re missing multiple teeth, dentures can be a cost-effective replacement option. Acrylic plastic and metal materials are available. Dentures may wear down with regular use, so they require maintenance and replacement over time. You may want to consider dental implants as an effective alternative or a way to provide extra support for the denture.


The removal of a tooth from the mouth is sometimes required when it can’t be restored and root canal treatment is unnecessary. Impacted and misaligned wisdom teeth are another cause for extraction, as these teeth can be difficult to clean, leading to decay and infection. An OPG machine is on-site to take all images needed. Teeth can be removed on the day.


If your tooth has been damaged by trauma or decay, fillings can restore the tooth’s function. Composite resin is a tooth-coloured option that blends with natural teeth. Silver amalgam fillings are also available. When a significant portion is damaged, an inaly, onlay or crown may be appropriate.

Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal can restore the health of your tooth. There are three main steps:

  • The removal of the infected or inflamed nerve
  • Cleaning and shaping the root canal
  • The placing of a filling inside the tooth to seal the space the nerve used to be

Extraction is another option, though we seek to save your teeth whenever possible.

Same-day Appointments Available

With years of experience, our dentists make sure your root canal treatment is painless. Some of our patients even fall asleep during treatment! The procedure takes about an hour. Same-day and Saturday appointments are available. Schedule your appointment today!
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